“Your customers will thank you for it. Literally.”

~ Bronze Media

If your business or product has been around for a while, chances are, someone has left you a review online. Overall, this is a good thing. Your brand is out there, getting noticed, and people are talking about you. It’s free, too. But what if what they have to say isn’t all bouquets and compliments?

With the widespread use of social media platforms, online forums and websites which aggregate product or business reviews, even one customer’s negative feedback can leave impressions that last, and last – and last.

For example, an unhappy customer’s negative ratings given 6 years ago – an eternity on the Internet – may still be the first impression that someone has of your business or brand, because some websites may display their oldest reviews first.

But, don’t think you are okay because you don’t have much of an online presence. A customer who can’t find any online reviews or comments about your brand is also more likely to choose a competitor which has gotten some positive reviews. In the online world, not having a reputation is almost the same as having a bad one.

Striking the balance can be difficult. Too many good comments, and your prospective customer might think you are literally too good to be true (fake reviews, anyone?). Too many bad ones, and the customer might choose your competitors instead.



A good reputation can’t be bought, but it can be managed. At Bronze Media, we believe every company’s online reputation should be managed, and managed well.

Our intimate understanding of how online reputation management really works means we have made necessary investments in the specialised staff and expensive technology that effective ORM requires, to deliver concrete results.

Email us at sales@bronzemedia.com.sg today to discover just how our customised online reputation mangement programs can help you achieve your company’s marketing goals.

Your customers will thank you for it. Literally.