How does a debt collection business stand out from the crowd in a crowded market? This case study looks at how Equitasasia Pte Ltd used Google AdWords to increase sales and expand its business.

Case study summary:

  • Debt collection company looks to stand out from competition in Singapore, China, Hong Kong.
  • Used AdWords to build awareness and give Internet users plenty of information about the company
  • Site traffic increased more than 100% with 15% of Equitasasia now coming from outside of Singapore, China, Hong Kong.

The Challenge

Founded in 2015 by James Lim, headquartered in Singapore with wholly-owned offices in Asia which includes China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. The company also have a network of tested and proven debt collection partners around the world which work on a No Success No Commission structure with a method that works. Competition amongst international Debt collection in Singapore, China and Hong Kong is fierce.

The solution

To differentiate Equitasasia Pte Ltd, James Lim already offered flexibility in debt collection terms and provided No Commission structure with a method that works. However, she wanted to find new ways to attract customers.

As a small business owner with a limited marketing budget, Equitasasia Pte Ltd found that AdWords offered a highly cost-effective way to drive traffic to and increase phone inquiries and sales leads.

The results

Google AdWords has increased traffic to the Equitasasia site more than 100%. With Google AdWords, James has also started advertising to neighboring countries; 15% of Equitasasia customers now come from outside of these countries. With AdWords features like automatic bidding, James can bring the most clicks possible within his budget. He can also use AdWords reporting to see which keywords are the most popular.

With the success afforded by Google AdWords through Bronze Media LLP, James has expanded her business into new markets (countries).