Let’s think of design concepts in two ways.

Verbal – the verbal parts of the concept might be words we use to describe the website. For example, the design concept might be one of sophisticated elegance. Verbal concepts tend toward the abstract. They’re focused on the message your design is to communicate.

Visual – the visual parts of the concept might be a specific image or color scheme. It might be an idea to use circles prominently. Visual concepts tend to be a little more concrete. They should come from the verbal part of the concept. Visual concepts are focused more on the how of conveying the message.

Generally verbal concepts come before visual concepts as the visual is really about how to communicate the verbal.

A design concept is the idea behind a design which Bronze Media has in-house Web Designers with more than 10 years of experience to plan and develop the suitable design concept for your company’s website.

Before developing a design concept for our client’s new website, we will do intensive research on our client’s Brand, their customers, their general market, and their goals for the site.

Our designers are graduated from top universities and has attain awards in various categories. From conceptualization to mock up design. Bronze Media will always deliver to our clients the best quality and unique creativity for your campaign.

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